We are actively seeking aggressive entrepreneurs looking to franchise their business, or emerging franchise
brands looking for a partner to help accelerate their franchise growth.


Franchise Venture Capital

From 1986 through 2017 FranVestCo and United Franchise Group have invested over $500M in funding, developing and building multinational franchise brands. Our team of experienced franchise development specialist bring well over 100+ years of real world franchising experience to the table.

FranVestCo Benefits

30+ Years’ Experience

30+ Years of Franchising Success


Seasoned Franchise Professionals

Low Risk

Keep 100% of your current business

Entrepreneur’s Benefits

Strategic Planning

Develop Solid Franchise Principles

Franchise Sales

Our team sells 1+ franchises per day

Franchisee Support

Set-Up & Training Support

More Than Just Capital:

“Don’t throw MONEY at problems, throw IDEA’s at problems” ~ Sequoia Capital.

Our team over 30 years of developing multinational franchise brands, has come to realize just using capital to grow a franchise business does not work. All of our team members have real world franchising experience to help you grow and succeed as a franchisor.